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Fishing tourism

Set sail with oyster farmers and fishermen

Discover the comings and goings of a tide that supports two iconic trades in the Arcachon Bay: oyster farming and professional fishing.


Let the oyster farmer lead you to their oyster beds and introduce you to the know-how of an age-old profession that has been able to create a high-quality product.
Depending on the day, you will help to lay spat collectors, turn or unfold bags, clean the oyster beds or even harvest market oysters.

Your trip back will be just as fun as your journey there, with the chance to try some incredibly fresh oysters!

When it comes to the fishermen, you’ll help set up fishing equipment and raise the net. Respect for nature is very important to fishermen. On the way back, they might even share some fantastic recipe ideas with you!

Fishing tourism is an excellent way to get off the beaten track and discover the Bay in a truly unique way, through the eyes of those who experience life there every day!

Booking with authorised oyster farmers and fishermen required.

Download the list of fishing tourism professionals

For more information, contact the Maison de l’Huître on 05 56 66 23 71.

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